From Dub
From Dub

Welcome to my latest site. It is collection of things "from" me. I have wandering mind that needs things to engage with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, i tend to bounce from thing to thing. This is a place to connect some of those things together - Starting with my podcast, "Conversation From Dub".



Dive head first into the mind of a rambling, paranoid insomniac, who longs for justice and accountability but is also a habitual line stepper with a conflicting duality of self.

Train wrecks are destined to happen. 


I enjoy dying lacrosse heads. Check out some of my work, and find out how you can get a #dubDyed twig of your very own.  See what's for sale, and if you are interested, hit me up to get your own designed.

Mini sticks

I run a charity called LaxSeeds. Our mission is to help grow lacrosse by limiting the barriers of cost and access. If a kid wants to play, we want to put a stick in their hand. Help support the cause by purchasing a mini-stick.

Dye Tips

Allow me to help your next dye project come out great. Check out a collection of tips that help me. Some save time, some save vinyl, and some are just cool.  The tools section will be kept up-to-date as much as possible!

justcause t's

Before I am an American or Native, before I am a liberal or conservative, before I am gay or straight, before my ethnic background, before I am even a man or woman - I am HUMAN. Support the movement. Buy a T-shirt!



I'll put something here soon...or maybe not.